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Industrial battery Short service life

Industrial batteries, as opposed to car batteries, are deep discharge batteries used in a fleet of forklifts, golf carts, trains, communications systems, cranes, submarines, etc. These vehicles use either electric or hybrid electric motors. Industrial batteries are manufactured for a service life of up to 5 years, but in fact have a significantly shorter lifespan and in a large number of cases does not last more than 2-3 years. The reason for this short battery life is the ability to carry out heavy workload with inadequate maintenance and service, as well as low production quality to force end users to receive new batteries after they expire.

Economic significance

The short life span of industrial batteries causes significant financial loss for the organization. BSI's exclusive battery upgrade and extended battery life technologies are designed to save organizations up to 50% on battery maintenance costs by restoring the majority of industrial batteries for regular use and proper maintenance. way.
BSI Industrial battery upgrade and upgrade technology - How does it work?

Industrial batteries are fabricated from independent module working cells (2v), which can be maintained regularly. We have developed a technology to check and control the status of industrial batteries and allow them to be restored to their original capacity. Each cell in the battery is considered an independent end unit for quality testing and if a cell is required to be refurbished, it will be discharged and undergone a thorough maintenance process, including replenishment. BSI batteries in factory refurbished batteries.

What happens at the end of the industrial battery refurbishment process?

1. Organizing your end-user fleet will save about 50% of the cost of continuous battery service.
2. Upgrading industrial batteries with BSI technology restores almost the performance level of new batteries.
3. As per our service agreement, the majority of your organization's batteries will undergo regular maintenance and control and will be under warranty.
4. We will replace seriously worn batteries before starting service with a new, top-quality battery.

Our experience provided

Since the past 3 years, our factories have been operating, all BSI refurbished industrial batteries (deep discharge batteries) still work with great efficiency.